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See rsbtable.leagueoperator.org/rsbviewer.php for a viewer only.

Requires Java 1.3.1 or higher - get the current version
and instructions for enabling java in your browser
Instructions for "copy" and "paste"
The following controls should work.
  • Ctrl-v - Paste
  • Ctrl-a - Select All
  • Ctrl-c - Copy
  • However, there are some security settings in some browsers that will not allow the Ctrl-v/Ctrl-c to work.

    If this is your case, do the following:

  • Go to the "cup of coffee-Java icon" in your system tray and open the "Java Console".
  • Click on the "clear" button then hit the "s" key and look at the output a little over half way down to find "user.home = ...", go to that directory and look for a file named "java.policy" (it may be named ".java.policy" in some versions of LINUX).
  • Open that "java.policy" file (if it does not exist - create it) in a text editor such as WordPad and paste the following at the bottom after all of the other "grants":
  • grant codeBase "http://rsbtable.leagueoperator.org/*" {
    permission java.awt.AWTPermission "accessClipboard";};

  • Then save the "java.policy" file as a TEXT file - MAKE SURE that your editor does not add an extension to the filename.
  • If you see a new file in user directory such as "java.policy.txt", you will need to rename the old "java.policy" file to "java.policy.old" and then rename the new one from "java.policy.txt" to "java.policy".
  • Now hit the "x" and then the "r" key in the Java Console or exit all open browser windows and restart your browser.
  • After this change, the "Apply Text to Table" will "Paste" from the clipboard and "Update Text from Table" will "Copy" to the clipboard.

    If you are still having trouble, use the "Support" link in the menu to report the problem. Please include your operating system name and version, browser name and version and java version

    We are not affiliated with BCAPL or USAPL in any way


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